cryptology aware parsing engine API:
 an API for MUAs and 'the like' to handle/execute known & unknown cryptilocial functions.

cryptographic key database API:
 a cryptilogical key db & harvester api. This api may and should be used in the backend of CAPE

a test suite to show proof of concept of the above APIs.

a key management project whose goal is to develop an API and test suite which will allow mail user agents (such as pine) to use S/MIME. The actual encryption will be handled through an external encryption suite (OpenSSL is one such suite, but ideally it will be up to the user). It consists of 4 parts: 1: a key management database API. 2: a message parser API (will use key db, and encryption back ends). 2: an API for MUA/parser communication. 3: an API for parser/encryption back end communication. For reference see below:
notes, rfc 822
mime parse stuff
Specs from Thomas Roessler
api function list

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Dan Kegel

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